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local for sale U.S. 1918 trench knife

Article about: hey all, i came across this listing in my local classifieds today for the brass knuckle part of the trench knife. ive bought one of these before and it ended up bein fake so i made sure i as

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    Greetings Patches,

    As John has stated, the blades are unmarked for the L. F. & C. made variants. Original blade and skull crusher's nuts sets come up once every few months on eBay (quite regularly). There are replacement (read: new) nuts (for the Au Lion's too) on eBay now and though I have not purchased any, I doubt there is any noticeable difference between them and an original (except, perhaps condition/finish). Here's a post I did on these knives a while back The U.S. M1918 Mk. I Trench Knife Thread.



    P.S. Before you inquire/ask, I do not discuss prices/values. Though you did well

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    thanks for the help, i will definately start looking around on ebay

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    hello all, i have been searching the internet and came across this blade for sale. It has a double edge and the triangle near the end. there is a hole on the other end for a pommel. would this be the right blade for the knuckle handle?
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    Greetings Patches,

    The blade you have posted is not the correct type for your L. F. & C. handle (or for any factory made M1918 MK. I variant for that matter). Please, see the below image for what "right looks like."



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    Would make for a wicked pig-sticker,though!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    yes i can see that now thanks for making that clear, on inspection of your example i have found one blade only for sale for $250 or best offer. Only problem is that its for an au lion. I will keep looking thank you.

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    for $18 you can buy this one and swap the blade into your handle.
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    for the time being, i think im going to stick to looking for an original blade as i have another knuckle duster that was ultimately a fake. Thanks for the help though. Let me know if anyone finds anything!

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    An original blade, nut and sheath? Wow...good luck!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    if i could find a blade, i would settle for a repro nut, and that would make me happy. If i really wanted too i could buy the sheath also there are a few on ebay for sale but they are expensive!!!

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