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local for sale U.S. 1918 trench knife

Article about: hey all, i came across this listing in my local classifieds today for the brass knuckle part of the trench knife. ive bought one of these before and it ended up bein fake so i made sure i as

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    I guess, what you really need to do is to figure bottom line just how much you want or will need to put into it and compare it to a complete rig. Keep in mind, though, that no matter if all the original parts could even Be found, that at the end of the day, you still end up with a restored piece-one that would be worth considerable less than a non-restored.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    yes i understand, i spoke with lance from militariaone and he stated if i could keep the total under $350 i should be ok.

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    Greetings Gents,

    If the correct pieces are used from the correct manufactures, there is really no way to tell a parted together M1918 Mk.I from one that has not been. Of course, you can discuss varying wear patterns, which point at some possible shenanigans afoot, but there really is no way to make that determination as folks similarly do on this forum with parted-together Nazi dress daggers. Most of the available stock of these knives have been well used and the ability to determine a parted-together affair versus something wholly original, is not possible from looking at a photograph or in most cases, when examining the knife in hand.

    Personally, if there was some way to make that determination (parted together versus wholly original), it would not matter to me as long as all of the parts were original and were not a case of one part being butchered, whilst the other(s) are minty (Just my 2Cts). If there is some means to determine the difference between a parted together M1918 Mk.I knife (done with original parts) and one, which is wholly original I would love to hear more about this ability.

    V/r Lance

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