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M1 garand bayonet normandy

Article about: bayonet of m1 garand. adquired in a particular shop in st.mere lŽeglise. someone could tell me if they have any serial number or personal identification such bayonets? I can only base it on

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    And all the stuff before and after??? !!!

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    It is an authentic M1 bayonet (10"). This configuration was produced 1943 - 1953. The scabbard looks like it may have be a shortened from 16".

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    Quote by another ant View Post
    hi feuerbach
    As for what you think it is not important to other interested and backwards what seems important to you to another very little concerned.
    the back-pack you comment found in holland no in normandy,ok but not look its authenticity in museum? is a little part of history a collector only interessed in autenticity of item if you does not understand that,what you do in a forum of warrelics?
    german bayonets at 3 euros?whith serial numbers visible and you do not buy for resale?
    dazbond uses the word idiot in your post there are many kinds of idiots.(I am not referring to anyone in particular)
    Indeed there are many kinds of idiots. Point I was trying to make is items can be bought on the net from all over the world and be shipped to other places and be sold as a genuine souvernir items from that place. Or, in the case I told; a US back pack ending up in a museum about D-Day, while in fact the item maybe was never near Normandy. Not a question of authenticity, but a question of misleading visitors.
    And thank you Gunny Hartmann; I was on about spent K98 cases being sold for 3 euros, not spent K98 bayonet cases being sold here for 3 euros.

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    When I visited St Mare Eglise, there was a shop to the left of the church which had some militaria for sale, but the prices were extortionate, and the items were doubtful to say the least,as were most of the shops that were selling supposed items from D-day in the Normandy areas

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