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M4 Bayonet, Utica??

Article about: The WW II M8/M8A1 scabbards will be made by "B.M. Co." on the steel locket piece at the top, and not have a lower steel piece protecting the bottom end of the fabric reinforced pla

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    Default M4 Bayonet, Utica??

    Not long ago a friend of mine gave me this as a birthday present, i actually dont know much about it so i tought id ask you people (the more knowledgeable). Is it really from WWII? if so whats the value? is that blood on the blade??? lol....seriously though

    M4 Bayonet, Utica??M4 Bayonet, Utica??M4 Bayonet, Utica??M4 Bayonet, Utica??M4 Bayonet, Utica??

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    Yes, an original M4 knife bayonet.

    It is not blood on the blade. Clean the blade with cloth and some light gun oil, but nothing abrasive.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks man, very kind of you, would you happen to know how much is it worth?

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    Agreed - original WWII 'Utica' M4 with a specs of rust.
    Is there a scabbard.........?


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    Sadly no friend bought it in a weird eclectic shop here in San Josť, Costa Rica so im thinking thats just asking too much lol, as you can imagine there are not many wwII collectors and they tend to be discreet...

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    Try searching Ebay for these and check ending prices - though most all M4's
    you encounter will include a sheath. Empty scabbards are listed sometimes,
    but they can go for a lot because they were used with M3's as well.........


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    Were M4'S purpose made for the M1 CARBINE?or just ended up being paired together...........Jake.

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    Yes they were. These replaced the M3 fighting/utility knife in 1944.

    Below, a related cartoon by Bill Mauldin:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M4 Bayonet, Utica??  


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    Cheers Steve I kind of thought thatjust double checking.............Jake.

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    Great info Steve, thanks, thats an awesome cartoon

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