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So there is definitely the possibility to get information on the Internet.

Comparative pieces can be found there.

This leather handle and workmanship are typical of Camillus' 1953-year production and are not reworked or anything else.

Can you tell the original from... - ANZUS Armament Services | Facebook

ORIGINAL 1953 CONTRACT US CAMILLUS M4 BAYONET for M1 Carbine w/ M8A1 Scabbard - $149.00 | PicClick

US M4 Camillus Bayonet 1953 production** with USM8A1 Scabbard | #293800012

M4 Bayonet & Scabbard Mint Rare Camillus 1953 Contract | #159409387

US M4 Bayonet without scabbard Camillus Korean War 1953 | #1913082479


This level is also quite normal and can be found in all new items. If it had been revised, the leather underneath would not have the same color. Overall, the phosphating and the overall condition also indicates no manipulation.

The question to the connoisseurs of the M4 was actually whether different leather handle variants are known?