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Machete - Our $15 Find

Article about: Me and the kid don't know a thing about military knives and machetes but when we ran across this one for 15 bucks! We figured worst case, we have something we can do yard work with. A little

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi René, I never even noticed anyway! Have a good one my friend!

    Cheers, Ade.
    Cheers Mate We are having a good one I'll pop a local "Broo"(new local brand) for ya!

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    Here are a few more photos of our Machete. Can't read real well the markings, due to the grey paint on the blade but they read "MADE IN SHEFFIELD" and directly under "ENGLAND".

    The blade looks like it was sharpened with a rock and someone tried to remove the grey paint with sand paper, it looks like, to maybe see of there were any other marking on the blade, right below the hand grip. There are no other markings that I an see. And as for the grey paint, is this somebody's handy work or was the blade actually painted grey originally?

    The markings on the scabbard do not show well. The top line is "______ & _____", second line is "Trunk Co" (it looks like) and the third line is "1945".

    My son likes to leave things as he gets them but I sure would like to clean the blade of this Machete up a bit, if it can be done with out causing any more damage. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your input,

    Russ & Son

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    Not sure about the paint being added at source, but one idea is that someone may have added this as a rust preventative, as loath as i am to clean blades of any description, i think i would be tempted to try a mild metal polish, the type i have used before is called Autosol or another is called Shine, both are German products and are very mild to metal but produce very good results, they may be available in your local DIY or Automotive shop, if you do this try a small area first and see if they produce the results your looking for, but as i said its not something i would normally recommend

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    I think I would remove the non original paint with paint stripper (keep it away from the grip) and try Autosol as Dave suggests.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    The scabbard is of U.S. manufacture and is the later shorter style sheath as issued for the U.S. 18" model, the dead give away is the webbing on the back which is a shuttle loom 2" Type I Class III weave this was only made and used in the U.S. MECo Mills Equipment company (G.B.) used Type I Class I for all British made strap webbing for both Pattern 08, and Pattern 37 webbing equipment.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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