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Personal Knife collection

Article about: Here is my collection thus far, which ones do you have?

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    Default Personal Knife collection

    Here is my collection thus far, which ones do you have?

    Personal Knife collection

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum , nice group of knives . My favourite is the USMC Ka-Bar have one myself and it's tough as nails . I had a US Pilots Survival knife but I traded it for a Canadian Airborne smock , I've considered getting another but not yet . Welcome

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    U.S Navy Mk1 and Mk2, Kabar, M3, and a couple 1917's. Nice collection you have!


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    Love those pilot survival knives as well. Not sure why. Just remember having a cheap japanese knockoff as a kid. Still have it. Totally abused but going strong
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    That is a very nice collection of some of the most historical fighting knives!
    I have 2 Kbars,the pilot survival, and M3 and a footlocker full of bayones.They are my sicknes

    Gotta say I like your username!
    Semper Fi

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    Sad to say I have none of those yet. Nice collection
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    Nice collection.
    I have the Mk2, M3, Kabar, Case V44, Camilus pilots knife,
    a 1918 trench knife (not a 1917) plus some more Vietnam era blades
    like a Randal, Gerber and Ek. and like Phil, a box of old bayonets.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Also a Western V44 that i forgot to mention. ;-)


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