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Please Please help

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    Default Please Please help

    Please Please helpPlease Please helpPlease Please help

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    I have been on a quest to find the history/orgin of the sword in the below picture. These come from a vets Grandson, the first one is obviously a first model luft and the second I am just baffled. All he knows is that his his Grandfather had referred to it as a "American" sword and this has been the general opinion of most. Does anyone please know the answer or someone that does? I would be forever grateful and my mission would be over. Thank you all for your time and help. Shawn

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    Hi, Shawn! Welcome to the Forum.

    This is a Fraternal or Masonic sword, like the 'Knights of Columbus', etc.
    I have never seen one exactly like it, although there are many
    that are similar. It may be quite old.



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