Hello all

I've had this post US M1852 Navy Officer Sword for about 10 years. Its in near mint condition complete with knot, soft bag and hard case. The sword is marked FABRICA BERMEJO TOLEDO SPAIN and is engraved to DR. Z. M. PRANE JR. The hard case has a hand written tag to Michael Prane and a MAC tag (which I think is a Military Airlift Command luggage tag) from Rota, Spain which was a US Naval Station to Hamburg Germany.

I finally did some research about 6 months ago and I believe the sword once belonged to Dr Zenon Michael Prane Jr. who was a US Navy Lieutenant and dentist who served between 1970 - 1973 on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.

I did a Google search and found this blog on Pintrest by a military writer who whilst touring the USS Intrepid located a letter addressed to Dr Z M Prane Jr from his wife in 1973 which I found really interesting. (its pic number 10) Deep Belowdecks Aboard The USS Intrepid on Pinterest

After some more digging I think Dr Prane is or recently was a dentist in the Illinois area and I tried to contact him via Facebook for some more information but I didn't get any reply so its a dead end for now.

I guess I'm just putting this on in the hope that he or one of his family members sees this and gets in touch as I would love some more info on his military service.

Hope you guys like the sword, its one of my favourite items.

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