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RH Pal 36 Fighting knife

Article about: Hi guys,Had this for a few months now and I thought I'd show it. Its been resharpened and the finish looks like it's been removed post-war, This may sound stupid but should I get the finish

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    Default Re: RH Pal 36 Fighting knife

    That's different. Copy or licenced version, I'm not sure, though it is not
    unusual to see 'popular' knives with British maker marks.

    The 'Made in USA' stamp is normally a part of the PAL logo.

    The one in the link is a Parkerised type, and looks to be in excellent
    or unused condition, but I would not pay that kind of price
    for one of these.........


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    Default Re: RH Pal 36 Fighting knife

    Quote by Datrus View Post
    The stamp looks uneven in some way. Could it have been made on top of the "US" stamp?
    I kind of doubt it, as it looks like it has the same printing depth as the left side of the RH and the same fade across the middle. If that is the case though, what would/could be the reason to do that?

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