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US M48 Flare Trip found in Hurtgenforest

Article about: hey there.. found this US m48 trip flare in the forest of hurtgen...I tried to restore it as good as i could to give it back its original look......This one was used against the Wehrmacht 19

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    It had been attached to a tree in an area often used by the US Army for Bivouac...We would bring beer & Wine out to trade with the GIs...All the boys in the neighborhood did this back then....And after the GIs had left, we would scour the area for items left behind- They were terribly sloppy and always left things behind, such as M-16 Magazines, C-Rations, Live-Blank-Ammunition etc etc...
    Great Memories of my early Militaria-Hunting as a youngster...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I have seen a trip flare go off in a bunch of dry tea-tree surrounded by long dry grass. Hmmm ... what could possibly go wrong here?


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