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USMC Kabar Olean NY

Article about: Hi guys been offered this but i have done a little research and believe this to be a 1970`s production mainly due to the deep engraving on the blade although this was performed on some they

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    Nice knife, it's the real deal no matter what era, hard to find a USMC stamped version. I've had many of these knives, still have a couple and have never had either a KA-BAR or USMC stamped version.

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    Would the latter be late war possibly.

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    Default A dissenting view

    I realize that this is a very late entry, however I will cast a dissenting vote here. I believe this to be WWII era knife.

    Camillus never made a reproduction using the KA-BAR logo. I have many of these knives that are struck heavily. Also, the Mark 2 was fastened three different ways at the pommel. I will find examples of each from my collection and post in a separate thread.

    Post War Mark 2 knives are almost always found with US over the maker's name.

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    Thanks, i still have it here.

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