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Vietnam Kiffe Knuckle Knife

Article about: Picked this nice one up recently, wanted to share:

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    Default Vietnam Kiffe Knuckle Knife

    Picked this nice one up recently, wanted to share:

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    Default Re: Vietnam Kiffe Knuckle Knife

    I am not so sure this is Vietnam, the handle is ww1 1918 knuckle duster why would they be using that all the way in Vietnam nearly 60 years after ww1, I believe that the blade was just added to the dagger, not Vietnam in my opinion

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    Default Re: Vietnam Kiffe Knuckle Knife

    It appears to be a copy that was made by the Kiffe Co. They also bought up spare bayonet blades, M3's etc. and cut them down as knives with a new handle fitted and where also doing the same thing with machete blades. This was in the 60's and 70's, so the Vietnam link is good.

    Here's an interesting linky, and there's more info on that forum concerning Kiffe products.

    January Las Vegas Show pickup - EDGED WEAPONS - U.S. Militaria Forum

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    Default Re: Vietnam Kiffe Knuckle Knife

    I was given a free one here at my business (repro piece)- the blade is not period to WWI and the handle is reproduced as is out in the wilds- they are like $12 in catalogs.

    I'd love to get a real WWI one sooner or later.

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    These were sold in the px stores and by mail during the Vietnam war and were a private purchase knife by some GI's heading to Vietnam.

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