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Fighting knife

Article about: This has been bothering me for a while what fighting knife did the men of the fleet use.A friend of mine says thay used k 98 bayonets is this true

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    Daniel Briggs

    Default Fighting knife

    This has been bothering me for a while what fighting knife did the men of the fleet use.A friend of mine says thay used k 98 bayonets is this true

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    Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum!

    The SVT40 bayonet was a popular edged weapon with the Fleet.

    As far as I know, I don't think they were issued with the Army style scout knife?

    K98 bayonets could be used, but if you are doing this as a re-enactors impression I would stay clear of captured kit.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Tak Tochno!, the use of Trophy gear is a frontonik thing, and only occurs if permitted by your Commander after its immediate use in Combat due to your need.

    Naval Infantry did get the SVT-40 Weapon system, so they would have the Bayonet and its steath/scabbard... that said....... there is an Image of Baltic Fleet Personal on Guard in Leningrad one has an SVT-40 and his Mate a Mosin, his Mate has a Trophy Fascist Mauser Bayonet...let your Commander decide... his did...

    Muddy that Water Complex, I did....

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    comrade coffin

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    I was browsing the soldiers trench art section & in this is a thread on trench art in Tallin, Estonia- ther were quite a few knives on display that looked very much like yours.

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    There a story about twice Hero of Soviet Union Leonov Victor. He starts his service at the North Fleet, and was started his service in a u-boat school, but from the beginning of war he stated to sevice in the reconnaisance unit of naval infantry. Most of the enemy he killed with the knife.
    In the later his service he was sent to the Pacific ocean to fight with Japanese imperialists, in the Korean port Wonsan, his unit with 140 naval infantry man after the landing in the airfield, takes to the prison 3500 Japanese soldiers. When the officers include Leonov was sent to the Japanese stuff, where the Japan colonel thought that he will use the Soviet soldiers as hosts, after the 10 persones was sent to the stuff, Leonov closed the dor and show the anti-tank grenade and says, we can die here together, you will die as the mouse, but we will try to come back. After that Japanesse colonel has written the act of capitulation.
    He got for that his second star of hero of soviet union

    As he said:-" I've spoke with the Germans in Russian language, and they understand me better that the other germans"

    I think they use FINKA, not a SVT bayonet, as usual the Red Fleet mans makes the knifes by themselfs- it's like a fashion, if you don't have a knife which you made yourself, you are bad warrior. The finka ( Finka in russian- finnish woman)word is gotten from finnish PUUKO knife, because Finnish knifes was useful and good to use, Soviet soldiers starts to copy them. I have a couple of examples made by soldiers
    Attached Images Attached Images Fighting knife Fighting knife 

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Fighting knife

    Hi Dimas, I would really like to see your "Finka" knives.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Fighting knife

    also use a soviet fighting knife НР-40 (Нож Разведчика \Нож Армейский обр 1940) Scout\army knife

    here s my

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    here are 3 main types of soviet finka

    from the top:

    Vacha knife aka sapers finka (weren't meant to became a boot knife, but history has own ideas)
    NKVD finka

    as for the captured and other bayonets, many of them were in use. CS vz24, long 23 including Iranian contract, Canadian Ross, French lebel, Japanese arisakas etc.
    Captured: Italian cnagaros , German 84/98, Hungarian m35 & M95/31 and again CS vz 24 Romanian contract , Polish wzs and lebels.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fighting knife   Fighting knife  

    Fighting knife   Fighting knife  

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