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Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

Article about: Hi, some pics to share of a SVT-40 bayo that just arrived a bit ago. Now to find a rifle to go with it. The bayo came from Latvia. Lucky to find one that has not been refurbished, most you s

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    A fair price for what it is... that being a postwar aresenal reconditioned piece. Dimas or someone else in the same geography has better information regarding exact numbers, but my information suggests the number of bayonets released from military stores in the early part of this decade was in the 10's of thousands. SVT-40 bayonets in general were rare until this happened. These things are on eBay all the time and will likely be so for many many years to come. This price is pretty reflective of what they should be bringing 75 Euro or 100-125 USD... or less. They can often be found at auction trying to get the $300+ USD that nice, untouched examples. So a decent price for a not so rare bayonet.

    If you are simply looking for a representative example, then this may be good for you. I would not buy it simply as a "Bargain" however, because in my opinion it is not an earth shattering low price.

    As a collector, I would tend to favor an untouched example that still has the original leather hanger and an non-blue blade. That is my own preference as a collector. Of course such are still as rare as SVT bayonets ever were and they still command the large price.

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    Default Refurbished SVT bayonet

    Your answers are clear to me. I think it is better to look for an unrefurbished SVT bayonet. Save my money for now and wait for a change to buy one. It will be a much better investment.

    By the way, who refurbished those SVT bayonets? Is it done by the Russian army or so?

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    Hi Asjemenou, yes these were refurbished by the Red Army post war.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default SVT Bayonets

    Hello Adrian. I understood from Wesley's Dads reaction that the Red Army refurbished more than 10 thousand of these SVT bayonets. What could be their reason to do this? Perhaps an Arms supply to a third world army?

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    Hi Asjemenou, this refurb programme covered all the old WW2 era weaponry which they had in stock. It was indended for use come WWIII for either iregular use or home guards etc.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default SVT and Mosin Nagant bayonets

    So, for that same reason you also see a lot of Mosin Nagant 2nd pattern socket bayonets at Internet sales than? A lot of these Mosin Nagant bayonets are also having an electronic engraved serial number.

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    You are correct

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    They are refurbished and a lot of them was sent to the 3 party countries like Africans countreies. A lot of them was bought by British dealers from Ukraine

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    Default Re: Help Needed- Nice Original SVT-40 Bayonet

    Hi Guys, Dimas is correct: all these came from British dealer Tony Budge. (Ryton Arms) He is the one who has access to the stocks held in the Ukraine. Others bought them directly from him and resold them.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default SVT-40 Bayonet

    Trading (money) makes the world go round but I prefer the unrefurbished bayonets.
    Thanks for your reactions.

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