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Medic's Bag

Article about: 62г - 1962 year реквиз - реквизит - requisite к/ст "Мос

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    Default Medic's Bag


    Check this bag out, it is a style that I am not familiar with. A friend is asking me about it as he has aquired a small lot of them. The are not like the typical wartime bag, nor is it like the late cold war era bag either. There is a hand annotation on the inside in blue ink and what is clearly a 1962 date. Any help translating this penned text is appreciated.

    Is this a wartime bag or is it an early to mid coldwar era item?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Medic's Bag   Medic's Bag  

    Medic's Bag   Medic's Bag  

    Medic's Bag  

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    If Dimas or one of our other esteemed Russian speaking/writing members does not beat me to it Mike in the next week, I'll ask my wife (the long haired dictionary) to help...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    It almost looks somewhat like a map case. However, I am not discounting that it belonged to a medic. It is my firm belief that Medics delt with things that most didn't see and saw those things many times over. I have a special respect for Medic's as my Pop's was a Medic during the korean war; Aside from me loving him, he always knew what to do in an emergency almost to the point where I wished he didn't get involved. Those Medic's are spooky fella's. (Side note: He never stopped packing a 45 automatic. and was really fast on a shovel, he could dig and bury faster than anybody I've ever met. I wonder what that was all about?) He never told me anything about Korea, but I have a better idea of what those medic's did now that I am much older.


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    or He looks outside, medical box, which is in the book Red Army Uniforms 1948-1945, page 187.
    I still think a pre-war production war.....

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    Yes is has similarities to the bag on page 187 of the book you mention, but it has differences as well. For me, this bag has a lot of construction details that may be found on wartime, but matches that found on much postwar equipment.

    There was some degree of standardization of materials in the postwar era, at least compared to the total lack during wartime. There is a much postwar material from the 1950's that is all in the same course weave, olive canvas with brown/burgundy leather trim.

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    Materials, finish and complexity of the bag, leaving me to think before making a war .... this is only my opinion.
    It is true that we find some similarities with backpack postwar.

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    Trust me... I want these to be pre or wartime. The guy has three of them. One for me and two for two of you guys . I just want to be certain if that is even possible.

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    Hi Michael,
    Everything is still possible..

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    I think its the late 30s Civil defence issue bag . Maybe a better quality one than i have (posted ) and simplified to Red Cross from pre war Cross &Crescent . During the war . THe 62 date just means it was owned or given to someone at this date as its handwritten. I wondered in my post if the Army got these issued and after seeing the above example ..... i reckon during the Siege of Leningrad , anything and everything was issued to whoever required it !
    Did you get the spare ones ? I paid 80 for mine in Russia , as they are Rare !

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    Default Re: Medic's Bag

    Quote by Rob truscott View Post
    Did you get the spare ones ? I paid 80 for mine in Russia , as they are Rare !
    No, I passed at the time because the pattern was unknown to me. I am sure trying again, hopefully I will know in the morning as the owner is a friend of mine on the other side of the globe.

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