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mosin nagant scope?

Article about: Hello, this scope looks like a mosin nagant scope but could anyone give me his feeling about the stamped serial number. Except a mosin nagant, does another soviet rifle use such a scope? tha

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    The third picture down (of the scoped rifles) shows that the scope being shown is a REPRODUCTION.

    The following applies to PU scoped rifles.
    Izhevsk put a scope number on the barrel shank. The scopes were NOT numbered the same serial as the rifle. For Tula manufacture, the scope numbers were not put on the rifle but the rifle number was often stamped on the PU mount. When refurbed post war, no effort was made to match the original scope to the rifle so on Izhevsk rifles you will often see the scope number removed (sometimes so well it is incredibly hard to tell it was there) but the mount has the rifle and scope number electropenciled to it. Tula refurbs don't seem consistent and may have the scope number crossed out and the rifle serial on the mount.

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    Quote by RichieC View Post
    It seems to me that they are STILL in production - with desirable 1930X/40X dates, judging from the vast amount that are available for sale at any given time to coincide with the "sniper version" rifles being purveyed in the firearms market...
    The one with the blue background above is one of these scopes, the mount looks to be a reproduction as well but it is hard to tell from the provided pictures.

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    Thank you for this answer. It confirms exactly what was said to me by a gunsmith in Moscow last month.

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    I seem to recall that the tube on these early scopes were aluminum?

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    My home made nagant sniper with bushnell scope its the great deer killer.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture mosin nagant scope?   mosin nagant scope?  

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