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Rgd 33 grenade

Article about: Hello guys I recently bought this inert rgd 33 grenade. I payed 50 euros for it. Do you know if the handle has been repainted? It appear repainted to me. It is a ground dug from Kuhmo, Finla

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    I feel its the original paint ,and has just darken from its time in the ground

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    Quote by dimmuborgir95 View Post
    I think the variety of shades of khaki depend on the manufacturer, color recipes which is most likely not strictly adhered to (grenades were made in the huge number of different manufacturers). If a grenade dug out of the ground, it is possible colour options will be even more.
    color maybe OK, paint over pit? can not tell from foto, not clear. Switch same color, often end up different color over time? Do not know from foto.

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    more color. Different periscope and case. Case same color as handle in first post. Periscope not original paint! But USSR.
    See RGD switch here, it has rust more and color change. Sometimes switch with paint, sometimes plain.

    Handle could be original paint, foto with light might better tell, here (photoshop) not certain, but looks better.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rgd 33 grenade   Rgd 33 grenade  

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    On RGD which I have seen, In most cases, the switch was not painted, rusty (I mean grenades, dug out of the ground).

    Rgd 33 grenade

    In the photo at the beginning of the topic, the "handle" and the "body" grenade made by different plants (it can be seen on different manufacturer's trademark). I think the handle dug out of the ground, and free from rust for example, with the help of vinegar (by the way, is a great way to clean is very rusty objects). After cleaning usually appears similar, gray color.

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    Rgd 33 grenade
    COlors dépend on the manufacturers. Here are 3 trenchscopes from my collection. You can see the difference of colors.

    Rgd 33 grenade

    Rgd 33 grenade

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    Very Nice
    almost all 'repaint' after GWP. Any original paint? can't see stamp.
    Case in #9 painted !

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    Each trenchscope has his original color, they ré all dated. From top to bottom:
    - dated 1945
    - Dated 1940
    -dated 1940
    I had a repainted trenchscopes reused by polish Army after ww2: No more date , No hammer and sickle and a symbol of reconditionning.

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    An example of post war trenchscope with the dark kaki used on many trenchscope in the end of the ww2

    Rgd 33 grenade

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rgd 33 grenade  

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    Rgd 33 grenadeRgd 33 grenade
    There are mine RGD33

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    Nice collection !

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