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TP-8 periscope

Article about: This is a TP-8 periscope which is, as the name suggests a x8 power observers periscope which went into production after the ubiquitous TP-4. However, this one appears to be dated 1945, but t

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    Default Re: TP-8 periscope

    oh, ok-thanx for the info.

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    Quote by meyerse View Post
    bump to the top for a date range for production of TP-8 soviet periscopes.....
    The first batch was produced in 1945. Back then the serial numbers had cyrillic letters(usually 2). Later batches have latin letters - "NN". I believe most of the TP-8 were produced in the 1960s. Actually, they are still produced today.

    I have encountered two different manufacturer's stamps. The only visible difference between the two models(except for the manufacturer's marking) is the focus rotating knob.
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    There is a drying cartridge in this TS-8. I think that it's the 60's era.

    TR-8 without d/cartridge (pic from guidance of service from 1972).TP-8 periscope

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    Interesting periscope info - thx.

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    Just found these replies, the 1945 one I have has the drying crystal window....

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    Can you elaborate? I have seen two manufacurers but haven't noted the focus knob difference?

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    A good guide to soviet optics manufacturers:

    Guide to Russian Optics Manufacturers

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    Will bump an old thread.
    TR8 periscope was created in 1945. But only single examples were produced for tests. Mass production was started in 1947-1948.
    Early TR8 periscopes looked another way

    I belive that on discussed periscope 1945 is not production year, and marking was added later.
    4 in font is different, there is no "г." letter that mean year (it was on all dated TR and TR-8 periscopes), periscope have drying cartrige, it was introduced later. Serial number have letter prefix. It was not used that time.
    Here are 2 more periscopes

    Date must look this way. Note that letter prefix was not used in serial number even in 1949 and 1950.

    Besides, here is information about TR periscopes
    Soviet prewar and war time trench periscopes | Soviet Armorer

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    Excellent info, thanks! I had suspected as much with no r on the end of 1945 but wasn't sure, now I am convinced, thanks so much for sharing you knowledge.
    what do you think the number represents?
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