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Unknown belts

Article about: Who recognizes one or more of these belts? Probably the whole lot including the German officer belt could be (re) used by the Soviet army. Photo 1 & 2: Length of the belt is approximatel

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    Default Unknown belts

    Who recognizes one or more of these belts? Probably the whole lot including the German officer belt could be (re) used by the Soviet army.

    Photo 1 & 2: Length of the belt is approximately 96 cm. and the width is 4 cm. The stitching on the side of the buckle is a replacement of the original stitching. This could be a field repair. The stitching is also very old and it is certainly not synthetic material. The belt has no stamps.

    Photo 3: Length of the belt is about 130 cm. Width is 2.5 cm. The belt has some (old) paint splashes. The colour of the paint splashes are very similar with the Dunkelgelb (dark yellow) which was been used by the German army during WWII. On the belt are not stamps.

    Photo 4: This small strap has a length of 42 cm. and a width of 2 cm. This strap appears to be modified or shortened. The black ring behind the buckle seems not to be original.
    This small strap does not have any stamps.

    Photo 5: The length of this strap is about 102 cm. and the width is 1.5 cm. No stamps on the strap.

    Photo 6: Three tiny straps. Left strap: Length about 98 cm. Width 1 cm. No stamps available.
    Middle strap: Length 190 cm. Width 2 cm. No stamps available.
    Right strap: Length 90 cm. Width 1.5 cm. On the strap is a hallmark of the number "90" or "06". The number 90 could be possible stand for the length of the strap.
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    Default Re: Unknown belts II

    Photo 7: A German officer belt. The length of the belt is about 104 cm. and the width is 4 cm.

    Marks on the back of the buckle.

    What more could be said about this belt.

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    Default Re: Unknown belts

    The RZM mark means it is German, and manufactured during the Nazi era. Beyond that, I can't tell you much more.


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    Default German and Russian belts/straps

    Thanks for your reply. I already found out that the belt on photo 7 & 8 is a German WWII officer belt. The RZM mark (Reichszeugmeisterei) proves this, see; Reichszeugmeisterei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . The UE1 mark is a code for the manufacturer of the belt. UE means Uniform Effecten (Uniform Accessories) and the figure 1 stands for the manufacturer Tillmans & Maier from Velbert, Germany. I am not sure by what kind of officer this belt could be worn. Anyone has a suggestion?
    The belt on photo 1 & 2 could be possible a Russian WWI cavalry belt. The belts on photo 3 & 5 could also be both German.
    Can anyone confirm these suppositions?

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    Default Re: German and Russian belts/straps

    Hi Asjemenou,
    Your German belt is in fact a political leaders belt....hard to see on my monitor what colour the buckle is but if it has a gold wash it is NSDAP, or if it has a silver wash it is SA leader.
    Others I cant help with but they sure look Soviet.


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    Default NSDAP or SA belt

    Thanks for your answer Brett. On the basis of the backside of the buckle, it has a silver wash. The "gold wash" at the frontside should be wear damage. In addition, the buckle has also remains of grey paint. It is the same grey paint that was used by the German army.
    You suggest that this (black) belt could be worn by NSDAP or SA. Wore they no brown belts?

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    Default Re: Unknown belts

    Hi Asjemenou,
    Yes the belt is for sure political as proven by the RZM mark on is a political marking found on NSDAP stuff, etc. In regards to it being black, the political belts were a very dark chocolate brown, and if this belt has been treated with any sort of leather treatment, it could have made it almost black looking....the belt is for sure political though. Also, if you notice the corners of the buckle they are rounded, while army ones are more square.


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    Default Re: Unknown belts

    Thanks again for your reply.

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