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WW2 Mess Kit??

Article about: Hi, while I have this stuff out, thought I would run this by you guys. I picked this up with a batch of NVA/VC items from a Viet Nam Memorial Museum in Chicago that lost their lease and sold

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    Here`s one 1940 dated one. Did they produced this german like model throughout the war or stopped manufacturing during the war and continued then after the war again?

    On last photo i see stamp 42year
    This mess kit made at factory "Krasni Viborgec"
    Russian wikipedia:
    During the Great Patriotic War, the main equipment of the plant and some professionals, workers and engineers evacuated to the Urals, where he was held for the production of color rolled defense industries. Cookware manufacturer work for the needs of the Leningrad front - we make pots and flasks. The remaining fraction of the equipment used to manufacture preforms the mortar. The plant in difficult conditions produced vayerbarsy, of which Sevkabel "made a cable, then laid on the bottom of Lake Ladoga for transmission Volkhov hydroelectric station in the besieged Leningrad.

    After war they make this tipe
    and this for airborne forces

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    Brehme, thanks for the clarification. I thought the 42 was a factory code/proof stamp. So they made these throughout the war?

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    Here`s one made in Estonia for the Red Army. Arsenal was a prewar factory that made armament and equipment for the Estonian Army. During the occupation it carried on making goods for the Red Army. Some old Estonian design equipment were still made. But this one should be completely Soviet design/product. Dimas can clarify more I hope.
    WW2 Mess Kit??WW2 Mess Kit??WW2 Mess Kit??WW2 Mess Kit??

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