True I stated this, I was referring to the army model pattern M1892 of the bugle itself, which it is. The thread is titled "1892 Army Regulation Bugle?" and has a question mark which states "I don't know". This is what I believe to be an Army Bugle is what I found on the web to the time before I chose to use this thread, and believe still means "I don't know". Therefore I never said it is an M1892 Army bugle. I did say I couldn't find a satisfactory answer web wise, so I chose this thread to find out what I actually have. That's what this thread is for to help to solve unknowledgeable questions to find a solution towards artifacts. So if I would have known that this is a true civilian item before hand then I wouldn't have used this thread. Unfortunately I don't know how to play a bugle, maybe I'll find someone how can.

But I do appreciate all of your help and time with your support in this matter.