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.45 liberator

Article about: This little number turned up earlier this afternoon. Not something you expect to see every day. Its a real one not one of the new reproductions. For good or bad it actually has British nitro

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    Nice! A very valuable piece, especially in that condition. Do you have the box and instructions for it?

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    Morning Soviet,
    Unfortunately I only have the gun, just as it came. Its not really my sort of thing, but it came in a deal. Being here on an Island in the English Channel makes it a touch difficult to pass on to collectors who would really appreciate it especially as its still live.
    All the best,

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    Don't shoot it! That's a pretty pricey item you have there. You could buy 'several' repro's to shoot if you have the urge. And lots left over! Ron

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    3500 for a euthanized throw away pistol...wouldn't the original owner be surprised to hear that, hey? They were made for pennies. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by packin9 View Post
    Don't shoot it! That's a pretty pricey item you have there. You could buy 'several' repro's to shoot if you have the urge. And lots left over! Ron
    You're right, don't shoot it! Unfortunately, I see people on Youtube shooting authentic ones--it makes me cringe.

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    Quote by talltom View Post
    last one i saw was 3500 for a deactivated one bit much for me
    The last one I saw it came with the box and manual and some other items sold for 9000$

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    Hello, i have informations on a French forum. 500.000 pistols built, but none sent to the maquis.
    In the 70's a french shop bought many Liberators and I saw it in this time, horrible.

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    Didn't realise the value of these. I saw a deact one at Malvern a few years back for 450. I didn't have the money on me at the time, however, while these pistols are interesting historically, I don't think I would pay thousands, especially for a deact one. Would'nt mind firing one out of curiosity but it looks like it may blow up in your hand

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    A rare and nice find. Congrats.

    Most of these were destroyed after the war hence the prices for what was originally a very low cost gun.

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    Hello Lausanne in Switzerland has a jealous husband killed his wife with a liberator, so one victim...

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