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Any Ideas What This Bench Is For?

Article about: Can anyone help us with exactly what this is? I believe it is a bench for a hand crank radio generator but have yet to find another example. Ran across one that was similar but had the gener

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    In actuality, I believe that this is simply a cobbler's or shoemaker's bench....It may or may not be a military boot repairman's bench. William
    I agree. Cobblers bench seems most reasonable. But personal Ironing board for an officer type isnt a bad call either! Any markings on the bottom side?

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    There are no markings of any type...

    I'm still of the opinion that this bench is part of a portable field radio hand generator set up, although I will not rule out the cow milking bench possibility.......

    Here is a photo that I borrowed from the Olive-Drab web site, looks very much the same just more advanced set up. I'm thinking my bench preceeds the one shown in this photo.

    Any Ideas What This Bench Is For?

    Clearly, the shape is such that it is meant to be straddled and the knees kept tucked in.

    Shoeing horses maybe?

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