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Australian Wash kit (Hold all)

Article about: by AIF Heres the washroll mate, sorry about the picture, my good camera decided to pack it in so I had to use my phone, If you want any close ups of anything or info just ask. Lovely set- I'

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    Quote by Anthony Egretz View Post
    Thanks for the information I'll have a closer look but I could be wrong an your right.But these were given to us by a local cadet unit with the boots.
    Cheers Anthony
    No Wukkas still an impressive lot there I hope they are under cover when not in use
    Id kill to see a shot of the boots
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    Hi there had no chance to get the photo of the boot from Dave as he took the photo but there is good news I have now got in my collection for a ww2 soldiers kit an unissued tin of foot powder with powder still in it and my friend is starting to make a bunch of wash roll for me.
    Cheers Anthony

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    Hi everone an up date on my ww2 kit got the emergency ration tin and 3 more
    ww2 helment, they have got civilian marking on them and painted black but I'm going to remove the marking and paint them green like they would have been like in the army. They also well be like the one I got all 3 will have a hessian sand cover on them to make them dessert camo for the bren gun carriers
    Cheer Anthony
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    Why ruin rare civil defense helmets by painting them green only to put a hessian cover on them afterwards? Thats just ridiculous, Those 3 helmets would be 1000x rarer than a army helmet.
    Why dont just put the cover on them without painting them as you wont see that they are black anyway or just sell them and buy some more that are green. Dont destroy history

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    Got to agree with AIF, I think those helmets are terrific, I would keep them the way they are and just pick up a couple of helmets from army surplus or somewhere and cover them with hessian.

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    NONO keep as is!!!!!!

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    Hi was allready thinking about just restoring as they were and just put a hessian cover over them but they need to be stripped down anyway because of how rusty they so they will be restored as civilian helmet with the marking put back on. Will update how I go restoring all 3 helmets.

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    I know its hard to resist but I strongly advise that you dont even restore them to how they are now just leave them as is they look fine Civie helmets like those are quite rare and if you repaint them they are IMO worthless....

    Anyway.... Looks like you are getting a bit of kit together mate, can you fill me in as to what sort of displays you are trying to achieve? A parade and a drill/desert uniform? Also what year did the 5th MR go to the ME? I could be wrong but I thought they were a local Brisbane based lighthorse militia unit up until 1941? When did they get incorporated into the AIF? as AMF (militia) units didnt serve in Nth Africa.


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