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Belt P37 Aust

Article about: G'day All I've been looking for this one in my junk pile for a few years and just found it again!

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    Quote by ILH View Post
    Hi Rene, thanks for the post.
    Did Australia make economy style belts like the first one? And is the weave on oz belts similar to the rest of oz web, or closer to Brit? (Wondering if there is a way to tell the difference without markings)
    Cheers, Jim.
    Cheers Jim, not sure if we made the economy type belt, but I don't think so. Aust belts from my point of view are extremely rare and this is the only one I've seen. As for the weave this would be closer to the British type but with more flaws. Adding there are quite a few variations in Aust weave.

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    Jim one clue is the thread and sewing of the suspender buckles

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    I think I see what you mean, comparing your pics. The oz one is tied off at the top, the thread is quite dark and looser, also the buckle positioning looks a little sloppy (no offence)?

    Thanks for the excuse to have a rummage tomorrow :-)

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    Here's what I mean - from a pack

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