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is this body armor?

Article about: Anybody recognize this armor took it in trade at the SOS this last week

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    Default is this body armor?

    Anybody recognize this armor took it in trade at the SOS this last week

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    Default Re: is this body armor?

    Could be ww1 german armour front plate, correction, poss back plate

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    Default Re: is this body armor?

    Some had said maybe Hussar late 1800 currias. The studs on the sides really conform to the 1870ish Prussian bayonet frog studs.This is very heavy not something I would want to have on and riding a horse

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    Default Re: is this body armor?

    It is a 19th century backplate.Back then the cuirass was not plated & had to be hand polished which accounts for the heavy rust patina it now has.It's hard to say what country,it could be any European country .Notice the rows of holes along the outside edges?These are for sewing lining & trim onto the cuirass.The 2 "Prussian bayonet frog studs" are belt hooks to keep the waist belt from riding up & the round stud between them would keep it from sliding around the plates.The other 2 round studs are for the shoulder straps that hold the two halves together.It is not WWI German nor is it from a hussar regt.Hussars were light cavalry & never wore armour.Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: is this body armor?

    Thanks Bob will try to to narrow down to a certain country. The shape of the belt hooks sure remind me of the Prussian style.Which is what I was going for in my post.

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