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Brace yourselves! Comparison of Pattern 1937 Webbing Braces from across the Empire.

Article about: I've always wanted to write a book detailing the differences in Empire-produced Pattern 1937 webbing. Like any good reference book, it would have lots of detailed color photos. Although I ca

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    Nice brace Warspite! I think most British-made postwar braces utilized reduction weaving, but what's really interesting about your brace is that it is a left hand brace with loop. These loops were made obsolescent in November 1943 and don't seem to be present on late war examples, I wonder when they were reintroduced?

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    Amazing topic about this humble piece of equipment again!

    I have this 'type g' brace dated 1944 with an unclear maker's mark that might be 'B.L.G.'. It does however also have a large 'S' stamped but the overall lenght is the same as a standard, normal brace. Any thoughts?

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    Thanks Earlymb!

    Some of the smaller firms, like Blackman Leather Goods here, marked 'S' for 'small' instead of the standard 'N' for 'normal' on their braces.

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    How politically incorrect of them... ;-) Thanks!

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    I only have a very few of the 200-300 I bought a few years ago, and they are in the worse condition, all were unissued, some were in a wooden box and they looked new, the others were in a cardboard box, and they had gotten damp and stained and rusty.

    If you look at the photos, you can see some of the buckles were unpainted, some were brown, some were black, and some were mixed

    All are ZL&T

    Dean O

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for posting the pictures Dean! It's interesting to see the variation in fittings, though I was hoping to see a ZL&T-made carrier with brass!

    1943 was a year of great experimentation for Canadian webbing makers. They were looking for something to replace brass, I think.

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