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British Commando Bergen ?

Article about: All the best for 2016 everyone ! I picked this before Christmas for a few quid I am curious if it is indeed a Commando Bergen Its smaller that others I have seen, I am not sure if they were

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    Sorry, bergens fall outside of my realm of knowledge.

    Great pack though HistoryMan!

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    Quote by karkee View Post
    Sorry, bergens fall outside of my realm of knowledge.

    Great pack though HistoryMan!
    Thanks anyway Karkee

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    Any more ideas on this guys, still not seen another like it ??


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    Quote by HistoryMan View Post
    It has the WD stamp so not civilian use I suppose

    SOE perhaps ??
    I have my doubts about SOE... Would have thought their kit was sanitized ( no markings or anything else that might giveaway its allied origin).

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    The ink handwriting looks like a sharpie-like pen of some type, not something that existed in the 1940's...I believe that can be ascribed to postwar ownership.
    I wonder if this is an alternate version of the P42 bergen? The shoulder strap arrangement looks pretty uncomfortable but significantly less complex to make than the standard economy version of the P42?
    Honestly, that thing looks like it would have been miserable to wear...the deep curve of the frame, the minimalist shoulder bits, the whole thing looks designed to wear holes in you.
    If this was experimental I'm betting it was a failure.

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