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British/Commonwealth water bottles?

Article about: Hello guys, I have 3 British/Commonwealth water bottles, I think one of them is British for sure, the other possibly Canadian and I can't find anything about the third one. Hope you guys can

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    Found a another some sort of example:

    British/Commonwealth water bottles?British/Commonwealth water bottles?

    Seller's info:

    British 1937 Water Bottle And Carrier Frame - Unissued A 1937 pattern two pint water bottle and webbing carrier frame.Executed in the distinctive brown/ye llow shade , makers marked. In very good condition.
    Attached Images Attached Images British/Commonwealth water bottles? 

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    Any experts?

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    I think it's Dutch post-war production. The Dutch army used P37-type webbing till the 1980's, and although the bottle itself may very well be WW2 surplus, the carrier and all other webbing equipment was certainly produced locally. Early 1950's locally made webbing was identical to WW2 British webbing, but stamped with 'M.V.O.' and the year in a circle. Later the colour changed to green. Most surplus WW2 webbing was used up during the Dutch-East Indies war for independence between 1945 and 1950.

    On another note, is there a way to date a waterbottle itself without removing the wool cover? Maybe from the colour?

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    Sorry for late reply, but thanks for your information! I think you are right, this strapcarrier is not to be found when searching for any kind of commonwealth bottle.

    Ab out dating the bottle; I dont think there is any way of dating without removing the wool... Unless someone would be a huge expert and can date the wool somehow...

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