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British Empire Webbing

Article about: PATTERN 1903 - Components PATTERN 1908 - Marching Order PATTERN 1908 - Marching Order without Pack PATTERN 1908 - Battle Order PATTERN 1908 - Musketry Order PATTERN 1908 - Drill Order PATTER

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    Thanks for the links, Tales from the Supply Depot is where I actually learned the RAF/RCAF used Pattern 25 gear prior to Pattern 37. I liked the Karkee site, I'll be spending a lot of time there in the future.


    I don't suppose you bought several of those unissued Pattern 25 pistol ammo pouches?

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    No... Back home I regretted I didn't get a few indeed, even though I didn't know what they were then. But they were all WW2-dated and cheap. A bunch of sellers had them so I suppose a batch of them was found recently. They might still show up on shows and eBay for reasonable prices.

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    I made some pleasant discoveries this morning while sorting through my RCAF displays and web gear. It turns out that I actually have two pieces of Pattern 25 web gear in my collection. The first piece I identified as P25 was a holster, having only the two vertical hooks and a cleaning rod "tube" on the back. Second piece was a bayonet frog that is currently on one of my mannequins. I plan on spending the afternoon sorting out my stash of braces and canteen carriers. Wish me luck.

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    Good luck! ;-)

    For comparison, here's my Bagcraft 1942 dated P37 RAF blue-gray holster. I intially thought it was only blanco'ed that colour, but it's an even colour inside & out,and the stitching is blue-gray too. The cleaning rod tube is on the inside and it has the vertical hook like all P37 holsters.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2016-03-03 18.39.14.jpg 
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Name:	2016-03-03 18.38.57.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2016-03-03 18.37.43.jpg 
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Name:	2016-03-03 18.39.56.jpg 
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    My Pattern 25 RCAF holster is the same size as your P-37, for small caliber pistols. That horizontal clip like that on yours is not on mine. I have approximately 4 or 5 RCAF holsters, some small caliber and some large.

    Sorted through my Canadian and British webbing and simply forgot how much I really had. Actually found a pair of Aussie braces, appear to be unissued. But no more Pattern 25 to be found.

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    This is the holster for the standard issue .38 revolvers. I have one for a .455 big frame revolver and it is noticeably bigger.

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    Mike, If you're following this recent discussion, would you mind chiming in on the differences between the Pattern 25 pistol ammo pouch and the Pattern 37? Everything I've found on line so far fails to make that distinction.

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    The P25 is noticeable wider.... almost like it was intended for a pistol magazine instead of loose rounds?

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    Since my last posting a week ago, I have been able to add to my collection ( holster and bayonet frog) of RAF/RCAF Pattern 25 web gear. Today's mail brought me two ammo pouches and a sleeve type canteen carrier. One of the pouches and the canteen carrier are Air Ministry marked. In addition, I am waiting for delivery of a second P-25 holster as well as a correct three piece waist belt. Still in need of a set of braces, brace adapters and the LH and RH cartridge pouches that mate to the center waist belt section. The haversack and top and bottom rucksack may be a bit more difficult to find.

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    I may have a spare bottom rucksack part. I have another chap who might want it, but if he's not interested I'll let you know...

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