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British WW2 Folding Saw

Article about: Here are some pix a Surgical set and some of a civilian Sabre Cut Saw

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    You might just find me taking a run over then, even though i am tight for cash at present! It will all depend on if Fran wants me to do anything at home when I cann get over.


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    Hi was just having a read through this thread, heres the little that I know about these saws, the fold up saws were first issued in ww1, The oldest one I have seen is a 1916 dated example, these werent an item exclusively used by vehical crews, My friends late grandfather had one of these he told me he was issued it in New Guinea in 1942 or 43 he was in the Australian 2/2nd pioneer battalion, I also have a 1942 dated one that came direct from Australian army stores years ago, though Im pretty sure it is English made

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    Sorry this has been posted so late but have been researching these saws and came across this. To further AIF's point, I actually have a 1915 dated saw so most certainly not initially designed for vehicle crew use. More than happy to share pictures if people would like to see them.


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    Hi Joe.

    As the O.P, I am more than happy for you to post the photo's on here mate. (Oh, and welcome to the forums)

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Thanks for the welcome! The saw is currently in the garage so will go and get it all out tomorrow morning and snap some photos. Everything is there bar the file so might have to see if I can scrounge one from somehow, haha. I was quite surprised at the date when a friend who does US re-enactment (I do British) just handed it to me saying he has no use for it! Had it for a good year now but starting to do some more serious research into their use ect. But not really been getting anywhere.


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    I picked up one of these a few weeks back. They are very nice items. Further pictures and details of mine are available here:

    I don't think I have added much information that isn't in this thread, but I have put some detailed photographs on it.

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    As promised! Pictures of my 1915 dated folding saw (earliest I have seen). The only thing I lack is the file. Case and saw evidently 1915 dated. I believe the tool is as well, but the date is badly stamped (sometimes it tricks me to believe it is 1914) but definitely begins with 191. The sticks are both stamped but made by different makers by the looks of it. On the other one the date isn't clear at all, but on the one I have photographed you can see if you look carefully that it is 1916 dated. Hope this is of interest to some people! By the way, apologies for the poor photos. They were taken on my phone (my SLR is at uni) and huge apologies for the terrible one of the tool! haha.

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    Hi All, only just become a member of this Forum. I had one of these folding WW11 saws but someone took a fancy to it. It came from my late Father-in-law and he was in the 9th. machine gun and was a "Rat". the two loops either end of the saw in the original post are for a suitable length of rope either end. Use was, throw end of one rope over branch of tree then with 2 persons pull on both ropes and saw automatically sets it's self in the cutting position. Then like a two man cross-cut-saw one pulls and one slackens off. Very sharp and will cut through the branch very quickly. Isseud to artillary, tank and machine-gun crews. Other items in leather pouch are file and saw set + handle for each. Would love to own one again. overthehill

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