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british ww2 gas mask.

Article about: Interesting thread, great info on how to properly display gas masks and how to prevent further deterioration. Most things are like previously stated, down to common sence but i hadnt thought

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    There are a couple of different methods that can be used for repairing cracked or broken rubber the one is a vulcanizing glue which is designed with this purpose in mind I purchased a bottle from a tire repair shop to use around the farm and have had good success with it.
    Please do keep in mind that a lot of the older gas masks do contain ASBESTOS in the filter and one needs to be very carefull if you are intending to play around with it .

    Regards Mark K

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    I am aware of the Asbestos hazards.
    My problems are deterioration and cracking.
    Ones I play around with or use are dated from 72's (I think this is the eldest filter I have had - which I tore apart to prove to myself there's no Asbestos in Russian Filters...) up to the recently issued filters.

    and how did you apply it? Did you have it rubbed around the area with a cloth or did you patch it?

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    I just discovered something new! But some people will not like it...
    What I did with my white SchMs was I rubbed alot of (just the right amount) PASF in the cracks then I waited for it to dry.
    When the PASF dried - leaving the sticky feel to it and the temporary red color, I used the clothing iron and burnt it! (Only the cracked area)
    It was successful after 3-4 ironing sessions! BUT!!! It left a yellow burnt patch - Which I, then again, rubbed PASF to restore the lost (proper) moisture due to the high heat burns. It softened the rubber, making it easy to be deformed so I left it lying until it was about the right temperature.

    I made some mistakes - which I will correct if I buy another mask that has cracks (HOPEFULLY I DON'T GET ONES THAT HAS CRACKS!)

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