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Canteen cover, Euro?

Article about: This canteen cover is listed as US but it looks odd. Anyone seen one like this?

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    Default Canteen cover, Euro?

    This canteen cover is listed as US but it looks odd. Anyone seen one like this?Canteen cover, Euro?Canteen cover, Euro?Canteen cover, Euro?

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    Any markings on the buttons?

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    Klikit pull.

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    ILH is offline


    probably is ww2 US then

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    Any chance for bigger pics? The side seam indicates post-1941 production, but the canvas tab of the wire hanger seems too big.

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    It,s the only pics avail on eBay

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    If it's cheap enough (couple of $ max) you could take the gamble. But if you just want a guaranteed original cover, wait for a good one. They are easy to find.

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    I know, I have over twenty WW2 covers from 1941 to 1945 but this one makes me curious about it. If it is US, it appears to be put together unlike other covers of that time period. The inner flaps looks shoddy and the hanger patch is an odd size and the bottom color scheme is unique. Almost looks homemade.

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    I know what you mean but contruction seems to be a bit too neat to be home-made, even though some details are shoddy indeed. The 2 colours don't put me off, it could be a transitional item. I have a single cover with Klikit Pull buttons (unreadble date but later OD7). I can't judge the quality of the material from those pics though.

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    Thanks . I will pass on it until the seller lowers the price.

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