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Confusing Dig Find

Article about: Hi everybody, this is my first time on your site so if my etiquette is wrong or I make mistakes please feel free to correct me. Thanks. I have dug these up in a field (S.France) They are spr

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    He shouldn't be in such a hurry to get to his own Barbecue...

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    Hi again and thank you all very much for all the warnings, (and your concern). In all honesty this wouldn't have crossed my mind.... Its not a certainty that it will be still there but I am hoping to take a trip to see. After all the warnings I am now going to tread very carefully. I hope to loosen the surrounding earth and use a winch from overhanging branch to ease it up, from a safe distance, maybe from inside/behind a nearby bunker , namely the small lookout type building in the pics below the photos of the (suspected) flamethrower. This is a good 20 metres + from the dig site. Any ideas of the type of booby traps used should there be something? Side mounted, or below the item itself. Any advice gratefully received. Incidentally my shoe size is 11 uk. lol. Thanks again. Will keep you all posted, health permitting of course. Kind regards, Francis.

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    The most common method was to simply wire a grenade to the bottom...
    What you've discovered appears to be the ammo-storage dump for the nearby Battery, which looks to have been blown up during a pre-invasion bombing raid...These batteries -and their rear-supporting positions- were most often protected by a perimeter of mines & such static flamethrowers...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hi Glenn and good evening. Thanks for the info. Your description is very accurate. Your point regarding minefields especially so. The open fields behind all this set up has 2 or 3 defensive points and they must have had a minefield surrounding these as it is so open/exposed. This is what got me thinking that the shell casing ends I found dotted all over the field were converted shells used in an anti personnel capacity. As you have probably read, Wagriff pointed out that he had never seen primers blown out. There have been a lot of comments and thank you everyone for that. Its gradually building a better picture. Maybe as I check the area more and locate different items it will add to the picture. Just to confirm, after more cleaning.... yes all the shell case ends are indeed, French ww1! Cheers for now, Francis

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    The Germans made extensive use of French Artillery/Munitions for the Coastal defenses...I am not at all surprised to see French Ordnance there...I'd really appreciate more photos...

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    "There was a lot of electrical wire loosely wrapped around the screw cap with the handles welded on, although all the insulation had long disappeared."

    Not exactly a comforting description....think about and why would there be Wire wrapped around such a device...?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi there Wagriff. Sorry, my description was a bit misleading. To clarify: the wire was coiled up and hanging on the part you can see in my pic, the bit with two metal rods welded on to allow removal of 'cap'. Rather like it was originally used to reach somewhere nearby, (remote control wire?) and coiled as if it was there to uncoil again when needed. Think: outside hosepipe coiled up hanging on tap ready to uncoil when needed. Didn't appear ominous to me. Hello Glenn. Would be pleased to send more pics. Anything specific? Do you mean of this site, general area and bunkers? Or finds from this location? I am heading back there tomorrow to investigate more and make decision to dig or not baring in mind all the above comments and advice. I can take photos and upload on my return, approx. 2 weeks. Wont be in contact in meantime as no internet connection there. Hopefully if all goes well and item still there should have interesting stuff to upload. Thanks again everybody for your interest and especially the sound advice. I appreciate that. Kind regards, Francis

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    Thanks for your message, Francis...a few photos of the general area you are exploring would help me gain a better understanding of the entire lay-out of this particular defensive-complex...bunker, ammo storage, defense perimeter, craters, open field where you found the shells, etc...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Evening Glenn, as you probably guessed I'm a bit new to this forum. A couple of quick questions: is it possible upload short video onto here? and is it acceptable to upload an aerial shot of area from G. Earth? Thanks, Francis

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    Yes, it's okay...if not, a moderator will let us know...
    cheers, Glenn

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