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Enamel mug

Article about: Another pick up from the weekend, 1952 dated but very hard to find a wartime dated example for various reasons, so very pleased to get it especially as was only 3 quid.

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    I noticed on one dealer that even the post war examples are priced at 15, though they are mint condition.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Nice Mug, being as its 60 years old

    can you tell me what year they switched from brown to OD green and then OD green plastic, being very close to BATUS I see a lot of UK gear such as these but I don't know the change dates

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    When I have used a metal mug a bit of tape on the rim stops you from burning your lips & sharing your mug because after a few exercises it was minging & nobody would want to tell them you are getting over a coldsore hey presto whole brew for yourself "lovely"..But the mugs I'm talking about are the 58 pattern shaped..not the plastic 1s!! metal black nonstick...they did come with a plastic rim but by the time you have cooked with it on hexi that rim was just medical tape done the job....Cheers Terry.

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