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Enfield mag

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    Default Enfield mag

    Enfield magEnfield mag

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    Nice, SMLE mag, it's the last version of them.

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    Thanks for replying! So it's late war piece?

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    Quote by GreekMilitaria View Post
    Thanks for replying! So it's late war piece?
    No, not necessarily, this mag is for a SMLE No.1 MKIII or III* type rifle, as used in WW1 and WW2. The magazines went through various stages of evolution, as the ammuntion changed, the mags were changed to suit it and make sure the rounds were fed into the chamber without problems. There were 4 different types, numbered 1 to 4, with 4 being the final variation for the SMLE, if you look on the back rib were the spring is on yours you will see the number 4. The mag platforms were also numbered, 1 to 3 (I think) and yours should have a No.3 platform in it.
    I'm not sure of the dating of these changes to the mags but I think the 4's were out prior to WW1 (or whenever the MKVII ammo came out).

    That said it may well of been used in WW2 as BSA were still making the No.1 MKIII until about 1940 and then the dispersal rifles were made after BSA got bombed until around 1944 I believe and so somebody would also be producing mags still I would think?

    Just in case you hadn't realised this is a SMLE mag not a WW2 No.4 Lee Enfield mag.

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    Thanks for those info can we check it's production date by its serial no?

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    If so its 39677

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    I'm not sure what the serial number is, presumably a rifle serial? I've a couple of SMLE mags and they have no serial numbers on them. I have a No.5 Lee Enfield which has the mag numbered to the rifle and I have seen No.4 Lee Enfield mags which have a serial number on it too. They didn't start numbering the mags to the No.5's until 1946 and so I'm guessing that it might of been the same for the No.4 rifles? The SMLE I've no idea if or when the mags were numbered, I've not actually seen a numbered one.

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    Enfield mag

    Its in the bottom of the mag

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    Not seen an SMLE mag numbered like that before but that doesn't really mean much. Maybe needs someone who knows much more about these than me? Try posting in in the firearm bit of the forum maybe someone in there might have a better idea?

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    Hmm ok ill contact a mod thanks

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