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Foam head question

Article about: Good evening mates.I was thinking to made a display with my markV respirator and my Tommy helmet.I just need a male foam head.Any opinions where can i find any?

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    KradSpam i think you have a point

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    Search all the parameters of 'display heads', 'glass heads' etc and you will find a deal.

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    I'm sure your advice is good, but I have been using painted polystyrene heads for the last ten years with no ill effects so far. They need a layer of tissue paper between the head and the cap to prevent it sticking to the headgear, but I have displayed gasmasks straight on the head before without ill effects. Of course, if other members have suffered negative effects from doing this then that should be taken seriously, im just sharing my experience.

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    You could also go for a used mannequin head. They should be fairly cheap.

    Regards, Lars

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    I don't think the damage occurs instantly or within a few years but it is an accumulative damage that builds up and although we may not notice anything in the life span of our collections, future collectors may well have a problem.

    I believe we have a duty to preserve these pieces as they should outlive all of us and therefore we have a duty to take the best care of them as we can while we are the custodians.
    If there is the slightest possibility of foam/polystyrene etc having an affect on our collectables then we should take steps to minimise any future deterioration and not use substances that may cause damage in time.

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    How about this one? It would make a great helmet/gas mask display in my opinion..

    Foam head question

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    Noel Edmonds?

    Yeah, the sooner it's covered up - the better........

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