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French Binoculars Help

Article about: Hello Guys and Gals, I just found a WW? French Binocular set at a flea market. I bought it for \\$40 USD. I have a few questions about it. 1, What is it worth? 2, how rare is it? 3, what front

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    It is fine about the cleaning. Looking through them normally shows only a few specs but looking the other way reveals it being disgusting. I mainly just try to imagine where it has gone to like my other relics. If only relics could talk, right? That would be awesome and yet so gruesome. Thanks for the help guys.

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    These were German binoculars orriginally made as 6x30 and shipped to France after WW1 as war reparations. The French rebuilt them in Paris before WW2 as 8x30. I have a new unissued set with the filters, excellent optics. They were sold in the USA by AtThe Front, a military reproduction company.

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    So they are german? How could you tell?

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    You missed the war payment part,Germany sent goods to France to pay War debt.
    The ones I boughthad the story of why they were correct for German WW2 reeinacting

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