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Garage Find

Article about: by AmericanKraut That is what the Thompson is for look aggressive enough and they will not mess with it Something more on topic do you know when the leather scabbard was in use until, and wh

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    Default Garage Find

    I was helping my grandmother the other day, and when I finished mowing her lawn I noticed something in her garage. It was a blue gun rack and it looked awful familiar, then I realized it was two WWII vehicle rifle racks rigged together. She told me I could have them, so I gladly took up her offer.
    Then I realized a bigger epiphany, the gun rack at her camp is made out of them as well, I grew up hunting their and haven't even realized what they were...
    If I can replace the rack I can get the 8+ other gun racks!!!

    My biggest question is how can I remove the paint without damaging the bottom layer, and also how could I remove the paint from the canvas on the rack without bleaching it?

    Garage Find
    Garage Find
    Garage Find

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    Default Re: Garage Find

    You could try to remove the paint on the metal and canvas with Acetone,
    but it will be A LOT of work. If it were me, I'd see if the canvas could be
    replaced with new - likely it's only rivetted on - an easy fix.

    Or, I'd strip the paint off the canvas as best I could, mask it, and spray
    paint the racks with modern WWII OD. ( Olive Drab #34087 )

    Check out 'Beechwood Canvas' on line and see how much just 1 repro
    rifle rack sells for. They might also sell the correct rivets and canvas
    webbing of the size you need.........


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    Default Re: Garage Find

    400$..... For a REPRO??? I know from time to time they go four 1-200 original on ebay...
    I think I am suppose to restore a vehicle, because my friend just got a mint / full, all wartime vehicle first aid kit for free too, and the closest one I have seen to it just sold for 420$ on ebay... lol

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    Default Re: Garage Find

    Parts are not cheap - and most probably repro - made in the Phillipines.
    ( It will be worth the trouble in restoring/repainting all eight of them ! )

    I've got over $16,000.00 invested in restoring my 'baby', and chose
    to restore or repaint original parts where I could. Imagine spending
    $100.00 on a shovel ? - but it's an original.........!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Garage Find  


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    Default Re: Garage Find

    I would say its worth it, I would rather be able to drive part of my collection around than have 2 or 3 SS helmets on the shelf... not that I wouldnt like having a SS lid

    - - Updated - -

    by the way you wouldnt need a rifle rack would you?

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    Default Re: Garage Find

    Lol - My windscreen is an 'early' type that did not originally come
    with a rack, although they were probably retro-fitted.........!


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    Default Re: Garage Find

    You could always get a leather scabbard and a thompson...

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    Default Re: Garage Find

    Indeed, but it would be one more thing to be worried about
    getting ripped off at some event.........


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    Default Re: Garage Find

    That is what the Thompson is for look aggressive enough and they will not mess with it
    Something more on topic do you know when the leather scabbard was in use until, and when the metal rack became standard?

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    Default Re: Garage Find

    Hi Ben, the rifle rack did not come into use until September 1943. The leather scabbard was early war and continued in use (but not in production) until the end of the war.

    The British used their own simple "U" shaped rifle clips on our Jeeps.

    Nice find!

    Cheers, Ade.
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