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Gas masks and Asbestos.

Article about: Its Canadian.The broad arrow mark is within a 'C'.

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    I was talking to a friend about this recently and they said that they did not think US masks contained asbestos. Could this be true or should it be assumed most pre 80s masks contain them no mater the country of origin?
    I would always sit on the side of safety with old respirators.
    A bit like a rifle,always assume it's loaded.

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    Where is a good spot to pour the mixture in the German ones ???

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    I just bought a US WW2 relic mask from the Market Garden area, with lots of rust holes in the canister, now what??

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    Just came across the following...

    "The military cannister contains Blue Asbestos (Crocidolite) - civilian masks contained white asbestos (Chrysotile).

    There was significant excess of mesothelioma (the cancer from asbestos)in the girls who made the military masks at Leyland and Nottingham (Boots).
    .......... Geoff Helliwell, Isle of Man, 24th of October 2011"

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