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Help With 37pat Basic pouches

Article about: by PhantomGuitar Isn’t it possible that they could be Danish or Belgian or one of the other myriad countries that adopted British style web gear? Always a possibility. Even if so they will h

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    Default Help With 37pat Basic pouches

    Are these basic poches original or repro,Asking as they seam to be a different quality to others I have seen,Someone mentioned they may be Canadian,Is there a difference ?
    Also why is the water bottle blue.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not 100% on these and I could be wrong but I've never seen the male part of the press stud like that on any of my examples (they are all solid)
    Are the press studs marked in any way?

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    No markings on the press studs,Never seen them before myself either.


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    What do they smell like? that's another indicator I've got lots of unissued 37 gear and it's always got an aged smell

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    Smells pretty clean,Not the usual oil and Blanco smell,But really well made not like the usual repro crap,But do they repro these ?
    I have had the for a few years now.


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    Yeah they do repro these, I've never handle a set though or looked into them.

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    Think I will treat them as repro unless proved otherwise.
    Do you know the bottle is blue ?
    Thanks for your help


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    Hi Mossie.

    IMO. I would cautiously say that the ammo pouches are repro.
    Like Rene, I donot like the make-up of the press-studs for one thing.
    Also, I have never seen 37ptn ammo pouches with the "slots" on the inner back face of the pouch. The original Mk1 version had slots on the pouch lid inner face for ballistite cartridges.
    There should be some form of acceptance/manufacturer marker on them, (it's usually on the inner face of the pouch lid), with a WD "Crows Foot" arrow. UK WD stamp is a "normal" /l\ . The Canadian version usually has the arrow inside a capital C.

    Any chance of a couple of photos of the REAR face of the pouches, (the side that goes next to the body)?

    As regards the colour of the waterbottle, dont worry about it. A lot of them were enamelled blue. I had one identical some years ago. Unfortunately, the only way to confirm the age of a 08/37ptn water bottle is to actually split the cover and if you do that, you will have an absolute pig of a job getting it set back right!

    www.karkeeweb is a good reference site for all things British army web equipment.

    Hope this is of some help.
    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Isn’t it possible that they could be Danish or Belgian or one of the other myriad countries that adopted British style web gear? Always a possibility.

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    You can look at IMA's and Sarco's website they sell a lot of repro gear.

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