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Honest honey it followed me home

Article about: I found this nice example of what I beleive is a Canadian/British 1941 dated grenade bag yesterday at a yard sell for \\$5 dollars CDN I could not say no as it was all alone being ignored by e

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    No, we got the Grizzly armored vehicle in the early 80s and didn't change the combat uniform until 2002 or so. You seem to be doing a bit of trolling here. I have feeling you weren't in the reg force then so lets stick to the topic.

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    As the topic was the haversack thank you very much for the information it was helpfull to talk to some
    one that is so well informed and if I was wrong about anything else I do stand corrected and dont mind being set straight on my details or dates. As per military service I was in the Army cadets, The Army reserve, As well as being an instructor at the Vernon Army Cadet Camp .

    Regards Mark k
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    OK Mark, I did some time myself. PPCLI from '74 - '98 and then C Scot R until '08. We probably brushed elbows at some time or another.

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    Sounds like you did your hole 25 and then some. I myself started out with the Royal Westminister Regiment and moved on to the Seaforth Highlanders and spent many a year instructing Army Cadets and thoes were some of the best years of my life .I had contiplated joining the PPCLI reserve here in Nanaimo as they are always looking for new members but sadly I think I am to old now . PS, if by chance we ever meet as I do make it to Victoria on occashion and we go some were for a drink or lunch and you pull out your PPCLI coin to flip for the tab you can forget it !!!

    Regards Mark k

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