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M1 Garand Ammo Belt. Strange front latch?

Article about: Hello all, Hope everyone's weekend has been enjoyable. I was hoping some of you might have an idea what era this belt comes from. It has a strange front clasp. Originally I thought it was Ko

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    I was trying to find a shot for you of the pack marking but couldn't and the pack is deep in my junk pile to look for it easily, I think (going by my pack) it's just a rough stamp mold- ie hand cut

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    Ah ok, well thank you Rene. I appreciate the feedback!

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    After much searching and digging I think I may be on to something. I am beginning to think that the belt is possibly made for the Brazilians during WWII. The Brazilians served in Italy from 1943-1945. The belt that I have is exactly what they used, ALONG WITH THE FRONT CATCH! Now, this may all be a crap shoot and I will end up exactly where I began, but who knows, maybe I am getting somewhere haha.
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    I think you might be right but are the ammo pouches detachable as they look like they are on those belts?

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    The pouches are attached, just like an m1923 ammo belt.

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    Brazilian belt, indeed. Similar discussion can be found here: M1923 STYLE Cartridge Belt - BRAZILIAN COPY - M1917, M1918 , & 1923 CARTRIDGE BELTS - U.S. Militaria Forum (solution of the problem starts with message posted on 11 October 2007 - 01:49 AM)

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    That is the exact thread i found. Glad i did some research before passing it off as a korean war one. Anyone every seen one of these?

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    Very good detective work Doug! Never seen one of these!

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    Thanks Danny! Took a couple hours of digging and changing my search phrases. Interesting though that i can only find one site. I've been digging with the new info and still nothing. If it is in fact Brazilian i cant imagine there are to many out there.

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    Anybody seen one of these? I would love to hear any other opinions or see any other pics about other examples!

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