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Mess Tin Identification.

Article about: the second and third photos are one of a similar kind not the same as the first but as i do not have it yet i don't know if it is dated or not

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    Default Mess Tin Identification

    I need some help with this mess tin The First picture is the one in question the second and third are another example of the same kind i have seen apparently it is a tunnelers mess tin but i am just making sure can any one help?

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    Patience. Someone is bound to know what it is.

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    patience what is this mythical thing you talk about

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    Looks to be a WD version of the regular miners' "snap tin" (lunchbox to everyone else)
    Shaped to fit a sandwich sliced from the usual loaf shape of the period.

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    Ditto to Paul B's comment, its a Miners "bait box" "snap tin" lunch box.

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    Thanks for your replies and your help but what period were these made? like from WW1-ww2 peroid or just ww1?

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    My Grandfather had to purchase an identical tin (civvie version) from the shop near the coal mine he was conscripted to work in in 1945.

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    so is there a possibility the top one the one in question is ww1 or is it most likely coal miners

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    Many of the personnel in the WWI RE Tunneling Companies were miners in civil life.
    Some of them may have brought their own tins with them, but as the third photo shows the WD certainly ordered tins and issued them with dated Broad Arrow stamps.

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