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Military water bottle ???

Article about: Hi got this off a guy today who also sold me an old field phone and some other webbing etc etc I was wondering if anyone knows if it is military and from what era ? It is the same size as P3

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    Default Military water bottle ???

    Hi got this off a guy today who also sold me an old field phone and some other webbing etc etc I was wondering if anyone knows if it is military and from what era ? It is the same size as P37 blue enamel AUS ww2 water-bottles thickness and width that I have except it is not as tall I know the british ones are green but i'v not owned one to compare any help would be great.

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    here is a picture for comparison
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    I was reading about these recently and it appears very similar to the India pattern used prior to WWI. There were a number of variations and also private purchase versions in aluminium. The size and shape looks the same as the issue India pattern, but it is not one - the fittings are wrong-, so either a later variation or a PP version perhaps.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks jerry I'll try to research Indian pattern bottles and see what I can find

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    I found a few of these listed on ebay one is listed as
    and has what looks like a P37 webbing type carrier for it .the other is listed as
    WWII military canteen, water bottle
    but is just the bottle it's self and says in the description
    Military, enamelled tin water bottle with broad arrow stamp to base. Original finish and tin cap with chain.
    anyone have any idea what these water bottles are ? or where they are from?
    I looked up indian pattern water bottles but the info on the net is pretty scarce .

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    I Matthew,

    I think these shorter waterbottles were covered in some earlier threads as Australian manufacture from the interwar period...

    "royal blue enamel canteens issued to the AIF... The black ones, with black felt cover and blackened leather slings/harness (Patt 1903 Mounted Units slings) being for CD (Air Raid Wardens, Police Emergency units etc) and the khaki/green for military Home defence units and being most predominant in WW2."

    Post WW1 and WW2 era Aussie Water Bottle query

    Water flask - Can anyone Indentify? - Miscellaneous - Great War Forum

    I'm relatively confident they are Australian, since the one pictured below has the characteristic Australian proof mark with letters...

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    Finally, this photograph of the Japanese surrender of Yokosuka Naval Base to a Royal Australian Navy Captain in August 1945 supposedly shows one of these waterbottles in use. I'm not sure if it's short enough honestly...

    Name:  Tokyo, Japan. August 1945. Token of surrender - a Japanese official hands over the keys of the Y.jpg
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    Hi karkee thanks for the info very interesting . Mine has no marks . but that top is exactly the same . I'll have to try do some more research on these bottles .Hard to say about the bottle in the picture I think the bottle I have would only be only as high at the strapping that holds just below the top of the bottle on the bottle holder unless this is a different holder then it might be one .thanks again .
    matty .

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