I would like to sell thise set , but don't know at what price
The carry case is marked ; " bino prism n5 case MK 1 O S 997 papmorth industries 1941"
Personalized in ink with the name "Mich".
All leather straps are ok exept one at the bottom right.
The binoculars have a webgear strap and are marked "bino prism n 5 mk II x7 n 16613 Ross London 1940"
The arrows have been scratched for some reason...
The both oculars are all right, the right one has a rangefinder.
Both pieces (binoculars and carry case) show they have been used, but are in a good condition.
On my search I found thise:
JoeSalter.com - Details for British Binocular Prism No 5 Mark IV
is that price realistic?
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