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No4 MkII bayonet

Article about: If you want to go into more details with all the codes then the book you want is 'Spirit of the Pike, British Socket Bayonets of the Twentieth Century'. It has all the information you could

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    Default No4 MkII bayonet

    Hi mates i just found this nice No4 MkII bayonet at the web.I know that scabbard was made by a UK company,but the bayonet itself has the initials SNA on one side and the No4 MkII* on the other side( the asterisk is as just the seller listed the item).Can it be a UK made bayonet as well?Many Thanks

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet


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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    I can't see the 'SNA' makers mark in this list :, but if you post pictures someone more in the know may have some idea.


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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    I checked the same list mate...Here is the link cause i cant save and post pictures from this excellent site WW2 British Army No4 MkII* Bayonet & Scabbard | Edged Weapons | World War Wonders

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    The seller did a mistake.Now tells that is VNS=Viners Ltd., Sheffield.Is it right?Many Thanks

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    Yep, it appears to have been made in Sheffield, only about 45 minute drive from where I live. Definately UK made

    I have a No.4 MKII bayonet but mine was made a long branch I believe, I'd have to check next time I'm home.


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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet is the site i found the bayonet's maker included 'cause the world war hasn't it(I think..)Thanks for your help!!

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    I found a No4 Mk2 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog and was interested in finding out more so thank you Moshemotom, i have just found out that it could be Canadian due to the letter B on it, but i am somewhat not convinced. Was a letter B used by anyone else?

    Also on the Scabbard there are also a stamped MK1.S.286 what would this mean? and a lot of stamps on the frog but i cant make out anything.

    Be great if someone could help please see images

    No4 MkII bayonetNo4 MkII bayonet

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

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    Default Re: No4 MkII bayonet

    Wellyboot, if you look at the B on your bayonet carefully, you can see that the less visible 'B' is actually surrounded on the left and bottom by a Capital 'L'. So it's definitely a Long Branch produced bayonet.

    You may be able to see what I mean more clearly with this -
    No4 MkII bayonet

    Hope this helps

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