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Odd finds, can anyone help in identification please?

Article about: Hi. I was hoping that someone would be able to give me an idea of what these unusual bits and pieces might be. Squares are one cm to give you scale. The black solid thing is a carbon rod, an

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    Hi Chaps. Thanks for all the info. Piat fuse, check :-) tripwire igniter, check :-) handle...... definitely not toilet roll holder. If you look closely, you can see its very specific. Must be German as its over engineered, as usual. Both ends are designed to only go in one way and one insert is longer than the other. Looks to be a removable handle. It could be to go into a vehicle as in load pull downwards or in an ammo/shell box, or similar load pull upwards. This is the male, obviously designed to slot into its female counter part. I cleaned all the parts myself, (wire brush) and it all comes from France (Northern) Thanks again for help in the identification of these so far. I always love to find the more unusual bits and pieces, especially when I find them where they were dropped all those years ago. It all helps to tell a story/build a picture. It means more to me though when I know what the items are, or were. The small brass things 5th pic down. Found a few of these dotted about. I've no idea at all on these, probably never will have, something will pop up sometime though. Thanks again Neil, Steve NCA for the i.d.. Kind regards, Francis

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    Francis, My pleasure. Should you find other ordnance items like the igniter please post and alert me. The dictionary I have from Picattinny Arsenal was created in 1958 and is very complete. The arsenal is still in business in Dover, NJ. I assume the dictionary was created to track WWII German surplus in use around the world - hence the post war date. I imagine tons of this stuff were still in circulation. If I have a good, clear photo of ordnance like the ZZ-35 I can usually track it down in the dictionary. It took me less than 30 seconds to ID the igniter in this post. Cheers, NH

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    Will do Neil. Thank you. Good to know your out there. Have a nice weekend. Francis

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