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P37 e-tool

Article about: Hi mates.As always before I buy something I post it here in order to have opinions from more experienced collectors.So,I am really interested in buying the following ww2 british e-tool.The p

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    Hello mates!Today my e-tool has arrived.I have a few worrys about it and I would great appreciate your opinion.Firstly the cover is marked ''H.H.C.&CO.Ltd 1943'' without a broadarrow beside the maker.It has an inspector stamp with a broadsaroow though.Second the helve is dated GWT1945 with a broadsarrow,the bayonet adaptor it's marked WB with a broadsarrow and a 44.Do you think that this 44 means 1944?The spade is nicely marked PERKS 1941.Many Thanks for your time and help! P.S I would like to have also a confirmation that all these makers were located at the UKP37 e-toolP37 e-toolP37 e-toolP37 e-toolP37 e-tool

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    Hi there, this is a really nice entrenching tool by John Perks, a well known British tool manufacturer of both world wars. I dont recognise the maker of the case but im sure its genuine. Im not aware of any big problem with fakes with regard to British ww2 entrenching tools. I have several similar entrenching tools in my collection and the marking are what I would expect- there are no problems. I agree that the helve was made in 45 and the bayonet fitting in 44, its not unusual to see slightly mismatched components as these were being made over the 44-45 period.

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    Thank you Douglas.I dont worry if the case is genuine but if it is Brit made.I dont think that it is Indian made though.I have seen and over UK makers without a Broadsarrow beside the name of the company but with a broadsarrow under the inspenction's number.I really dont know if that 44 means 1944.I havent seen that before.Thanks for your interest!

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    It is certainly not Canadian because the canadians were woven in a different way,it is aussie because the aussies have a purple/pink stamp,It is not Indian (i think)

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